Finding the Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags

Waking up in the tent

When selecting a sleeping bag, there are different areas in which one needs to make a decision. The two basic considerations are whether you will be packing your bag via a backpack, and the temperature conditions the bag will need to cover you against. Below is a discussion of these factors alongside other considerations that one can make. If you are interested in osprey exos 58, please click the link provided.

The Weight

To help you narrow down on the choices, a good starting point is whether or not you need to rule out sleeping bag choices that are too heavy to pack in a backpack. There sleeping bags that weigh as little as two pounds but at a price. The lighter the bag is, the harder and more expensive it becomes to buy one that has a low temperature rating. If weight is not a factor as you will not be packing in a backpack, then your choices expand greatly.

The Temperature your Bag will be Used in

The purpose of a sleeping bag is to keep you warm just as the purpose of camping is to have fun. It will be difficult to have fun and enjoyable time when feeling cold at night. It is useless to invest in a sleeping bag that does not keep you warm. Click this link best backpacking sleeping bag to see more information.

Other Factors to Consider when Buying a Sleeping Bag

Mummy Bag or Rectangular Bag

Rectangular bags are the ones that are availed or colder conditions and have lighter weights suitable for backpacking. They are a bit expensive and can also be difficult to fit into for larger people. If you have a large body, ensure that you read the bag’s dimensions. Triangular bags have a variety of lengths and widths.

Fill Materials

Down fill used to be the only available way you could get the warmth you needed for extreme temperatures. The the downfall of this fill material is that once wet, the heat insulation capacity is nearly non-existent. But there are synthetics that offer you with both temperature protection and water-resistance. With the synthetics, you will have to sacrifice on cost as the best synthetic materials are quite expensive. Get attached to us now and learn some lesson about the hiking gear

The Shell Material

A the good sleeping bag will a shell material of polyester or rip-stop nylon. A shell material that is waterproof makes the best sleeping bag.


Better sleeping bags cut both the men’s and women’s sleeping bags. As you may have noticed, men and women are shaped differently; these bags represent those differences. When considering length, it is wise to buy a bag that fits you.

The factors mentioned above are important when buying a sleeping bag. You can also take into consideration other factors like the hood design, zipper type, and bevvy bags among others. This information offers you with a good start point when buying a sleeping bag whether online or at a local store.